Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Paris 2008 - Post 1

Now that I have some time again - I wanted to actually put down a post on Paris.
I've had the wonderful opportunity to travel a lot; and always try and keep little things like tickets, etc. as mementoes...but I think I'll just put some pictures up at least......when I'm old and losing my memory; I can come here and check these out... :-))

So here goes -

Adelaide and I went to Paris in May (seems like a lifetime ago!!!), after our training in Chicago. The rest of the girls (Megs and Nivash) had already been to Paris; I had never been, and although Ade had been there on a very short trip once, she was keen on visiting and taking in the sights and of we went on our French adventure!

Paris is beautiful - and I definitely want to go back sometime when my little one is not so little anymore; and is old enough to appreciate the wonderful museums and architecture.

Also, when the place is not overrun by toursists!! The weather is really good from around May to August - hence the masses of ppl...

The first day there, we walked around - and got to the Notre Dame - Its so grand; the gargoyles really caught my attention as I had been keeping an eye out for them :-)

All the bridges on the Seine are spectacular; and I find it amazing that the French had the foresight to build so many of them - and so wide!! (I've always found that a lot of cities sometimes evolve, without real town planning going into it...)

we then made our way to Sainte-Chapelle (with its beautiful 4-storey stained windows) - this was something I had really wanted to see; and it is spectacular.....

We had lunch at a bistro and the reason I remember it so vividly is that there was a woman with a booming voice, shouting 'MADAAAM' at her customers!! Ade and I were quaking in our boots when it was time to place our orders!!

It was death by baugette!!!

Anyway, we felt much better having eaten something; and then we made our way to the Musee D'Orsay (I have to say, my favourite museum by far!!!) We took some time to rest our laurels, because by then we were starting to feel the pain!!!! Then we realised the Museum was closing fast, so we rushed around trying to take in all the Van Goghs and the Monets.......It was such a beautiful museum that we actually decided to go back on our last day and spent a fair bit of time there.....

After being forced to leave the museum, we rested a bit more - our feet had really taken a pounding by then!! We then made our way to the Eiffel tower, and waited for what seemed like the longest time ever..

It was evening and the views were spectacular - Much better than I had ever imagined. I had never really thought that the Eiffel Tower was beautiful; but it really is something with all the lights turned on in the evening.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

time for some changes....

well, its been 5 months since my first post. shame on me!
not that I ever started this with the intention of blogging there!

things are a bit hectic at the moment.....well, when isn't it??

I've had to do some serious introspection over the last week about where I am going at this pace.
the fact that i am working like a crazed lunatic with absolutely no time to take care of myself and my little'un is just not cutting it for me anymore. i really need to start doing my own thing; as the thought of working like this and then retiring at 65 with an employee of the month certificate and a gold watch is just not going to work.
I've made the decision to start actively 'creating my own destiny'. The goal is to be able to retire at 35 and live a life of luxurious leisure on the coast.

So - checkpoint for myself - i get to come back here in 5 years and confirm that its happened. Name it and claim it as they say! (The fact that I've now put it out there in writing has to mean should at least shame me into action.)

Monday, January 21, 2008


Once upon a time, I had a blog....Or was it 3?

Oh, ok, I don't know how many I've created, I've lost count - what always seems to get me is that I forget what I called my blog! Confucius reigneth....

As silly as it sounds, the minute I have to give my blog a name, my brain shuts down and I go into an 'I forgot everything I studied for this exam' funk. (Anyone remember that hollow feeling?)

It's called the 'what should i name my blog' syndrome and seems to affect a significant 63% of the blogging population.....

I end up naming the damn thing with some highly intelligent, meaningless moniker and then forget what I called it and how to navigate to the aforesaid blog.

Well, this time I'm trying to be smart about it. Ha ha! Let's see who has the last laugh now.

My 2 year old has given me the most embarassing names a mother could hope for (more on that some other time) -
Fortunately, he seems to have shortened the full option for something that rolls off his tongue easily; and I am now aka Paps!

Based on the trend he has followed, I am hoping that he doesn't shorten it further into something like Pap or later P (P Diddy/Mommy anyone?)....

Well, for as long as he addresses me as Paps, I think I'll be able to remember what my blog is called.

When I become 'the blogger formerly known as Paps'; I may have to find a new home for my blogs.
Until then, I'm hoping I'll be able to pop in occasionally and let loose with my 2 cents worth.